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Jeesa Gupta is a pioneer in the domain of traditional Indian ayurvedic, herbal and natural remedies for hair and skin. Her speciality is the use of food ingredients along with other herbs for preparing beauty solutions and also her packaged products. Jeesa started her studies way back in 1981 and she has been a keen student of natural and herbal remedies for various beauty problems like baldness, male baldness, female baldness, hair fall, loose hair, dry skin, acne, oily skin, dark and patchy skin, sensitive skin, dandruff – dry and sticky and general skin care.

Over the years she has shared her knowledge in form of free beauty tips in various media that includes print media, electronic and modern media. She also gives suggestions to people over mass electronic media based on beauty problems and her beauty solutions.


Happy Users of Jeesa's Natural and Herbal Remedies

Thousands of people have consulted Jeesa Gupta for their various hair and skin beauty problems. 99% of the users of Jeesaa's natural and herbal remedies are very satisfied. Jeesa's chain of beauty care centres are the locations where these success stories are knit and smiling faces gathered. Treatment based sitting, home remedies and packaged beauty solutions helps deliver excellence in terms of affordable effective and a safe process that is devoid of any surgery, injections, steroids or artificial procedures. Her process is fully natural and inspired by the ancient Indian knowledge of ayurveda. 3 generations of same families trust Jeesa Gupta for their beauty problems and beliefs in Jeesa Gupta’s beauty solutions. She has very high repeat customers.


Shared Her Thoughts

Jeesa Gupta has been invited as speaker in eminent associations of knowledge in the domain of herbal and natural remedies in the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress. Jeesa shared her thoughts with eminent scholars, research fellows and practitioners.

She was also a guest speaker at the national conference on Indian Medical Systems: Changing paradigms with a focus on Ayurveda organized by Jadavpur University-Kolkata and sponsored by Posco TJ Park Foundation, Korea.

Eminent Charity organizations and Non Profits like Save The Children, karmakutir has trusted Jeesa Gupta's knowledge to educate and empower under privilege people on natural and herbal beauty training imparted by Jeesa Gupta as a support to help the good cause of charity.